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Our Mission

Our Core Principles
Our Mission

Lootcakes was founded with the mission of helping video game players to unlock the value of their game activity data, particularly their in-game purchasing and social data.

With the surging popularity of free-to-play games, game publishers have become increasingly dependent on the minority of players who actually spend money, and on those whose social engagement (with clans, friends, etc.) attracts new players. These high-value players have great power and influence, but haven’t had the means to take full advantage of it – until now.

For the first time, Lootcakes enables players to consolidate their cross-platform gaming data, and to leverage that data to obtain valuable benefits for themselves, their friends and the entire community.

Data is Power. Lootcakes puts that power in the player’s hands.
Our Core Principles

Your trust is our #1 priority - without it we have no business.

We hope to gain and keep your trust by doing the following:

1. By being honest and direct.

Our main business goal is to transform your gaming data (especially your game purchase and social data) into cash, in part to fund your rewards, and in part to pay our expenses and make a profit. We want you to find our service valuable, and in the process we also want to make money. These are not mutually exclusive goals - in fact, both must occur for us to have a sustainable business. We want you as partners, and true partners don’t BS each other.

2. By taking your security seriously.

Your data is the lifeblood of our business. We are dedicated to protecting your data from unauthorized access, and to deleting data as soon as practicable when it becomes unnecessary for the business purpose. We pledge to aggressively monitor your data’s security and to regularly reassess our security practices to maintain the highest standards.

3. By listening to your feedback, and by doing something about it.

We invite you to tell us what you think about our product and service, and to offer your ideas and constructive criticism on how we can do better. We will strive to address your feedback and continuously improve your experience.