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Clan Masters (#2): Extreme Warrior

By Sida Li on March 18, 2016 at 11:45 AM ET

Photo Credit: Clash of Clans game (background) / Lootcakes LLC (character)

This edition we hear from Extreme Warrior, a level 8 clan with 117 overall wins and a 43-7 record over their last 50 wars.

With 'Clan Masters', our goal is to get personal - with the top performing clans in CoC!  Each edition we an interview a highly successful clan to reveal their unique personalities, tactics, motivations and opinions on the game. For information on our criteria and how to get your own clan interviewed, please click here.

1. Describe your clan in three adjectives!

Educational, Humorous, Competitive. (Soxses)

2. Tell us about the founding of your clan. Who founded it, when and why? To what extent did your founding members know each other from outside the game?

Xruu and 2 others (currently not playing Clash anymore) founded the clan January of 2015. The clan was started as a way for a friendly yet competitive group of people to come together to war. We wanted a group of people who take war seriously, but are not a bunch of elite/rude mannered people. Our founding members did not know each other outside of the game at all. We met each other in game, and decided to make a clan when our old one failed.  (Soxses)

3. Describe your clan's leadership structure. Are you ruled by an iron-fisted dictator, or is decision-making shared among several members, and if so, how? 

The clan is run by 7 people at the moment. Xruu, Koga, Gi, Los, Panda, MFG, Nem. These are the top ranking people, but the clan is truly run by all of our elders also. No one is promoted without them understanding how the clan works and allowing the leaders to trust them.  This structure has truly helped the clan become what it is today. Any large decision that affects the clan is discussed by the “Elite elders” and the leaders before a decision is made.  (Soxses)

4. Describe your clan's overall competitive approach. Are you ultra-serious about clan wars? Do you only recruit members who are dedicated to winning, or do you take a more social approach and tolerate slackers?  

I found this question funny because of the “slackers” comment. We are a very competitive clan, but we are very relaxed about everything. We recruit any members who are willing to learn 3 star attacks. We understand that people do not always have the resources to learn 3 star attacks. We recruit people who have a competitive nature but are generally relaxed and understand how to be a mature human.  (Soxses)

5. What are your preferred outlets for recruiting new members?

We use official forums, and reddit to recruit new members. We never use global chat, and family and friends are usually not as serious about war as our group.  (Soxses)

6. Take us through your typical clan war process. How do you make initial preparations? Are players given free rein to attack whomever they wish?  

A typical clan war process is dependent on the difficulty of the clan war (or if we feel the enemy clan mods, as we do not). We start by figuring out how many of the top players will be attacking down a town hall for cleanup. After we figure out how many TH10s/11s they have, we can then divvy up the TH9s. We require members to attack from the bottom up; giving TH8’s 0-10 hours to attack, low TH9’s 6-12 hours, mid and late TH9’s 8-16 hours and finally TH10/11’s the full time to see who needs to be cleaned up.

We do not use any formal calling system. We have 4 simple rules on attacking; 

  1. Pick a base you feel you can 3 star
  2. Attack a town hall at the same level as you; TH8vs8, TH9vs9, etc. 
  3. Be respectful when attacking or planning for a base. If someone is asking for strategy help on LINE app, do not help them and [then] take their plan for that base.
  4. Attack within the specified time limit for your town hall and rank.


7. Describe your clan's most victorious moment or achievement. 

Our most victorious achievement as a clan occurred surrounding our decision to disband our feeder clan in order to bring together the best from both our feeder and our main clan in order to become a stronger larger clan.   This required us to make very difficult decisions but ultimately we assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each clan member and fortified our ideas and goals. We decided we wanted to be a full-time war clan which emphasized using only the best, most effective and current 3 star strategies at all Town hall levels. Furthermore it was at that time that we decided that we wanted to cultivate a developmental and teaching atmosphere so that we could encourage learning and growth in the Clash of Clans war community. This defining moment is when our current clan was formed and our mission statement was set and therefore our most victorious moment since it has led us to our current achievements.  (Kogashinobi)

8. Describe your clan's most disappointing or embarrassing moment. 

Where to begin… There are many embarrassing moments… When panda gets 0 star because AQ dies on a queen walk; When Soxses forgets to attack and loses a war; When Koga forgets a builders hut for a 3 star; When Cap or Leon drop a spell on the outside of the map; When Los or Lai run straight into a DGB (double giant bomb) and make bacon; When Waer uses too many EQ and accomplishes nothing from it; or anyone else that I did not specifically mention makes a stupid/silly mistake that costs them a raid and we all just shake our heads…. Then laugh really, really hard. Our clan is full of mistakes, but the mistakes are what makes the game funny. If it wasn’t for mistakes the game would be easy and boring. We embrace our embarrassing moments!  (Soxses)

9. What are your opinions about the game's current features and functionality? Is there anything you’d like changed, added, or removed? 

There is a sense that CoC (particularly [for] war focused players) has been neglected for the past year. Even still, there have been features [introduced] that have been beneficial and enhanced enjoyment (example: the army check window). 

It doesn't take a lot to satisfy war oriented players.  Balance is important and that is something that takes time as the game gets figured out and new strategies appear. What they really need to provide is a way for us to practice without the use of external tools. Regular farming attack is too random and does not allow for an in-depth analysis. The game needs to support all types of players.  (PandaBearGuy)

10. Do you have a message you'd like to send to other clans?  To potential recruits? To anyone else in the Clash community? 

Other clans: We wish the best for them. We love to have close matches and be paired up against good clans who love to war. 

Potential Recruits: Be willing to learn and always try your best.

Everyone else: Just have fun. The game is about having fun. We have fun even when we lose because the game is about enjoyment and enjoying that portion of the game with the people you are close with.  (ILUM)

Note: Special thanks to Soxses and crew for coordinating and answering the questions. You can get in touch with the clan by messaging 'Soxses' in the LINE app.  Quoted stats are current as of the interview date.

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