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Top Clans of Clash Royale (#1)

By Sida Li on April 1, 2016 at 1:58 PM ET

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Get ready, Clash Royale fans. Welcome to our inaugural countdown of the clans dominating the global leaderboards!

Each edition we profile the top 5 global clans in Clash Royale and explore their changes in trophies and leaderboard ranks over the prior month. This edition was updated on 3/30. 

#5: 爱基俱乐部

Trophies: 34,108

The countdown begins! Fifth-ranked 爱基俱乐部 holds a comfortable 784 trophy lead over the #6 clan, Warriors.战神. 爱基俱乐部, a clan based in China, has an entry requirement of 1,400 trophies. As of writing, three clan members have fallen below that threshold. We won't name names, but these three need to step up their game if they want to help 爱基俱乐部 continue climbing the leaderboards! 爱基俱乐部's top players are using a diverse range of battle decks; the current favorite cards of their top 5 players are all different. As of writing, their top 5 are favoring: Minion Horde, Golem, Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A, and Inferno Tower.

#4: 大唐天子

Trophies: 34,803

When it comes to entry requirements, 大唐天子 is much more stringent than fifth-ranked 爱基俱乐部大唐天子 requires 3,000 trophies, compared to 1,400 in 爱基俱乐部. 大唐天子's members are also more committed to pulling their weight; as of writing, every one of 大唐天子's 50 members is above the 3,000 trophy threshold. Among the top 5, 大唐天子's clan members are also the most generous. They're the only group on our list that has donated more than 3,000 cards during the current period.

#3: HKEsports

Trophies: 35,199

HKEsports is a clan affiliated with the esports company Hong Kong Esports. Fun fact: Clan leader Derek Cheung (in-game name 鍾培生) held the #1 spot on the global player leaderboards earlier in March. Check out this video to see his tips on defeating higher-level players. Judging by the contents of the video, Derek's got a rivalry with Chief Pat, a top 10 player (and Clash YouTuber). As of writing, the two of them have the exact same number of trophies! 

#2: InTheLight

Trophies: 35,664

InTheLight includes a few familiar faces. Molt, a top Clash YouTuber, and BOsshOgg, the former #1 Clash of Clans player, are both members of InTheLight. Molt is one of InTheLight's top trophy contributors. Drop by Molt's YouTube channel to see him in action! If you're a trophy pusher that doesn't have enough trophies to get into InTheLight, check out some of their sister clans: InTheSky, InTheNorth, InTheNebula, and InTheClouds.

#1: H.2.O

Trophies: 35,984

The first Clash Royale crown goes to H.2.O! The race between H.2.O and InTheLight is extremely close, which means that neither can afford to take their foot off the pedal. Cynesta, one of H.2.O's co-leaders, is currently the #3 ranked player in the world. Fun fact: Cynesta and Light Wing, InTheLight's top trophy contributor, both have P.E.K.K.A as their current favorite card. Players participating in the Legendary Arena will have their trophies reset to 3,000 during the beginning of April, which means the leaderboards are due for a shuffle very soon! 

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For a more detailed breakdown of the top 10, take a look at the table below. Click the table to enlarge it.

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