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Top Clans of Clash Royale (#20)

By Sida Li on November 9, 2017 at 11:21 AM ET

Image CreditsClash Royale game (background) / Lootcakes LLC (character)

October turned out to be a bountiful season for top-ranked ladder clans. This period, each ranked clan upped their trophy haul by at least 2,000.

Each edition we profile the top 5 global clans in Clash Royale and explore their changes in trophies and leaderboard ranks over the prior period. This edition includes the season ending 11/5.

#5: Nova I 大唐天子

Trophies: 59,596
Change in Rank: 0

Nova I 大唐天子 makes its second consecutive top 5 finish! This Nova family clan last posted consecutive top 5 finishes during the May and June 2017 seasons, when they finished at #3 and #5. Fun fact: This period marks Nova I 大唐天子's second-best trophy finish (they hauled in 62,873 during the May season).

#4: Mega Stars

Trophies: 60,105
Change in Rank: 0

The Mega Stars family expansion continues! Their newly announced clan, Mega Sova™, is based in Portugal. On the esports front, click here to see how Mega Stars is faring in the MEL. 

#3: Crucible Wrath

Trophies: 60,966
Change in Rank: 0

Crucible Wrath has made five consecutive top 5 appearances. The clan recently shouted out members that finished the season in the top 200. Check out the list of players here! In other Twitter-related news, Crucible Wrath is teasing a "Crucible Cup" event when this tweet of theirs hits 200 retweets. 

#2: Nova eSports

Trophies: 64,082
Change in Rank: -1

Recently, Nova's main competitive focus has revolved around three major events: King's Cup II, ESWC, and the CCGS. YouTuber and Nova member Clash with Ash was on the winning King's Cup II team, called Viva La Sparky, along with pros Surgical Goblin (of Team Queso) and Vulkan (of Team Sandstorm). Congrats to all three players! Nova's team of content creators is rapidly growing, and they've hinted that they're about to launch something special in the near future.  

#1: Sandstorm

Trophies: 64,605
Change in Rank: +1

Sandstorm reclaims 1st place! They had an eventful month in and outside of the ladder. At one point during the final day of the season, all 10 of the top Arena spots were held by Sandstorm members. In the end, they finished with 8/10 top spots - including ranks 1-6. Sandstorm's top 6 used a variety of decks during their push, including Log Bait, Xbow, Giant Double Minions, and Hog. The team also recently signed a bunch of players to their competitive team: Vulkan (who was on the winning King's Cup II team), Samuel, WEN, and Randall. 

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For a more detailed breakdown of the top 10, take a look at the table below. Click the table to enlarge it.