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Video Victory: Top 10 Clash and Brawl Stars YouTubers (#18)

By Sida Li on September 12, 2020 at 4:24 PM ET

Image Credits: YouTube (background) / Lootcakes Inc. (character)

Five-way tie?? This period features some rare results and impressive milestones, including the first successful defense of the crown in half a year!

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Each month, Lootcakes ranks the top YouTubers in three popular Supercell mobile games (Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale) and highlights their notable recent content for your viewing pleasure. This edition covers the month ending 9/6. 

#6 (Tie): B-Rad

Last Month's Ranking: #13 (Tie)

A newcomer kicks off a five-way tie! B-Rad is a Clash Royale content creator for Tribe Gaming. He reached the 150k YouTube subscriber milestone just before the end of August and his goal is to hit 200k before the end of the year. This is an achievable target given his current growth pace. B-Rad's most popular recent upload (found below) showcases a funny 2v2 glitch that was fixed soon after his recording. 

#6 (Tie): Chief Pat

Chief Pat, who last period shared the #1 rank with Orange Juice, relinquished the crown. Pat is the founder & CEO of Tribe Gaming, whose members hold a whopping six spots in our top 10. Watch below as he discusses the September Brawl Stars update, which features a new brawler named Colette.  

#6 (Tie): BenTimm1

Last Month's Ranking: #13 (Tie)

Break out the party streamers! BenTimm1 recently reached the 1 million subscriber milestone on YouTube! Here he is with his brand new gold YouTube Play award. In recent weeks, we've seen Ben tweet more about Pokémon GO. That said, Brawl Stars remains the focus of his channel. Watch below as Ben opens a box of goodies from Supercell.

#6 (Tie): KairosTime

KairosTime and fellow Brawl Stars creator Lex won VidCon's Celebration of Mobile Gaming Tournament in late August. Congrats on the 'W'! Click here to watch the tournament, which includes a few familiar faces (including this period's top finisher), or watch below for Kairos' coverage of the September Brawl Stars update.

#6 (Tie): SirTagCR

SirTag returns to our top 10 after a one-period absence. He rounds out the five (yes, five!) creators who tied for the #6 rank; they each finished with around 10k new YouTube subscribers and two million new video views. Tag recently started college classes, but thus far we haven't noticed a reduction in his upload frequency. Check out SirTag's easy-to-pilot Royal Hogs deck below.

#5: CryingMan

Last Month's Ranking: #2

This period marks CryingMan's sixth-ever - and sixth consecutive! - appearance in our top 10. Want to watch a Brawl Stars pro player carry his team to countless victories? CryingMan's videos have you covered. Below he shows off his 3v3 40,000-win account. 

#4: Judo Sloth

It's Judo Sloth's first appearance in our top 10! This Clash of Clans content creator has been active since July 2015. Check out his 5-year progression video here or see below for his most popular recent upload, in which he answers frequently asked CoC questions. Judo Sloth is also primed to reach the 300k YouTube subscriber milestone before the end of September. We'll be keeping a close eye on his sub count!

#3: Clash of Time

Last Month's Ranking: #5

Clash of Time has made three straight top 10 appearances. This Clash Royale YouTuber broke the 200k subscriber milestone earlier in September. At his current pace - and with a little added push - 300k seems attainable by year end. Clash of Time's most popular recent upload (found below) is a comparison between every troop at level 1 versus max level.   

#2: Beaker

Last Month's Ranking: #4

This period marks Beaker's highest finish of the year! Among our top 10, he ranked 4th in new subscribers and 2nd in new video views. Beaker uploads Clash of Clans content on a consistent once-per-day schedule. Watch below as he spends a whopping one million dark elixir on upgrades.

#1: Orange Juice

Long live the king! Orange Juice is the first creator in half a year to hold the crown for two consecutive periods. OJ led his Clash Royale crew to a win in week 1 of the Creator Clan Wars. According to a recent tweet, this is the most fun he's had in the game since the year it launched. Watch below as OJ discusses the massive Clan Wars 2.0 update.

For a more detailed breakdown on the top content creators in this edition, take a look at the table below. Click the table to enlarge.

Scoring System:

Each edition, we begin by compiling a list of the top 20 Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale YouTubers (in the English language) based on their most-viewed new upload (during the current period) related to any of these games. To qualify, at least 75% of their videos in related games (during the current period) must contain self-created gameplay or game-related commentary (i.e. created directly by the YouTuber as opposed to clips sourced from third parties).

Creators from the above list are then awarded 0-100 points in each of two categories: (1) total views of their newly uploaded YouTube videos related to these games, and (2) new YouTube subscribers. The data from these categories is sourced from YouTube and Social Blade ( Points are calculated according to the following steps:

(1) For each category, total points available are calculated by multiplying 100 by a fraction: the total number of creators active on the relevant platform (numerator) divided by the total number of creators on the list (denominator). 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category refers to creators who uploaded at least one related game video AND generated 100 or more subscribers during the current period. 'Active' in the New YouTube Views category refers to creators who uploaded at least one related game video during the current period. For example, if 18 of 20 creators are considered 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category, then 90 points are available in that category (i.e. 18/20 = .9 x 100 = 90). 

(2) Points awarded to a creator in each category are then calculated by multiplying the results of step (1) by a fraction: the creator's individual performance in that category (numerator) divided by the total performance of all creators on the list in that category (denominator). Continuing the example from (1), a creator with 100,000 New YouTube Subscribers out of 1,000,000 from all ranked creators on the list would receive 9 points in that category (i.e. 100,000/1,000,000 = .1 x 90 = 9).

(3) Points calculated from each category are then totaled to determine the creator's final score.

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