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Video Victory: Top 10 Clash and Brawl Stars YouTubers (#21)

By Sida Li on December 23, 2020 at 4:56 PM ET

Image Credits: YouTube (background) / Lootcakes Inc. (character)

The new year is almost here! Three creators re-entered our top 10 after absences ranging from one to six months. 

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Each month, Lootcakes ranks the top YouTubers in three popular Supercell mobile games (Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale) and highlights their notable recent content for your viewing pleasure. This edition covers the month ending 12/12. 

#8 (Tie): BenTimm1

Last Month's Ranking: #11 (Tie)
Instagram Page

After barely missing the top 10 last period, BenTimm1 reenters the rankings for the first time in six months. His return coincided with him reaching the 1.1 million YouTube subscriber milestone - not a bad way to close out the year! In the Brawl Stars video below, watch Ben list every brawler's best and worst game mode.

#8 (Tie): Rey

Last Month's Ranking: #11 (Tie)
Instagram Page

Like BenTimm1, Rey went from tied for 11th in last period's rankings to tied for 8th in this period's rankings. Fun fact: Rey and Ben have been friends since before either one created YouTube content! See below for a Brawl Stars recent collaboration video with Ben and #1 ranked Orange Juice.

#8 (Tie): Coach Cory

Coach Cory is the third (and final) creator who re-entered our top 10 during the current period. Cory's last appearance occurred back in August, when he placed 10th. Cory has been nominated for Brawl News' Content Creator of the Year award! Click here to vote for the winner or check out the video below for his 60-second recap of the latest Brawl Talk.

#6 (Tie): CryingMan

Last Month's Ranking: #7 (Tie)

As of writing, CryingMan is 6k YouTube subscribers away from reaching the coveted 500k milestone. He's not confident he'll be able to hit 500k before the end of December (he amassed 8k new subs during the current period). Nonetheless, we'll be cheering him on and we're confident he'll reach the milestone in January! See below for CryingMan's recap of what he calls one of Brawl Stars' biggest-ever balance updates.

#6 (Tie): KairosTime

KairosTime is one of three ranked creators nominated for Brawl News' Content Creator of the Year award. According to this tweet, he's is a big fan of the latest Brawl Stars update. Fun fact: Two years ago, Kairos was one of the creators invited by Supercell to press the button that launched the Brawl Stars app in its final country. In his recent upload below, he discusses why the new brawler Byron is better than he initially seems.

#4 (Tie): Beaker

Last Month's Ranking: #3

Beaker celebrated his 2,000th YouTube channel upload in mid December. Congrats on the achievement, and here's to many more! In other news, Beaker's channel is sporting a new banner. He shouts out the banner's artist here. Beaker's most popular recent upload, shown below, showcases Clash of Clans' new Log Launcher siege weapon.

#4 (Tie): Judo Sloth

Judo Sloth and fellow Clash of Clans creator Beaker tied at #4. Like Beaker, Judo Sloth's most popular recent upload (found below) has to do with the Log Launcher. Judo was a member of the casting team at the CoC World Championship, which took place in late November. In this tweet he congratulates the winning team.

#3: Clash of Time

Last Month's Ranking: #7 (Tie)

Clash of Time leapt four spots in our latest rankings. This jump in rank can be partially attributed to one recent video which generated over a million views (his other recent uploads average less than 200k). Check out the aforementioned video below, which pits CoC heroes against cannons at various levels.

#2: CoC Reality

Last Month's Ranking: #5

CoC Reality is this period's highest placing Clash of Clans creator. At his current pace, CoC Reality is primed to reach 100 million total channel views before the end of the year (as of writing, he's less than one million away). In his recent upload below, CoC Reality pits the Stone Slammer and Siege Barracks against the game's defensives.

#1: Orange Juice

Earlier this month, Orange Juice received a crate of goodies from Supercell. Click here to watch him unbox the crate, or see below for his overview of the Brawl Stars "Brawliday" update. In other news, OJ is on pace to reach two million YouTube subscribers in early 2021 - a momentous milestone! - and will be the first to do so among this period's top creators.

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For a more detailed breakdown on the top content creators in this edition, take a look at the table below. Click the table to enlarge.

Scoring System:

Each edition, we begin by compiling a list of the top 20 Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale YouTubers (in the English language) based on their most-viewed new upload (during the current period) related to any of these games. To qualify, at least 75% of their videos in related games (during the current period) must contain self-created gameplay or game-related commentary (i.e. created directly by the YouTuber as opposed to clips sourced from third parties).

Creators from the above list are then awarded 0-100 points in each of two categories: (1) total views of their newly uploaded YouTube videos related to these games, and (2) new YouTube subscribers. The data from these categories is sourced from YouTube and Social Blade ( Points are calculated according to the following steps:

(1) For each category, total points available are calculated by multiplying 100 by a fraction: the total number of creators active on the relevant platform (numerator) divided by the total number of creators on the list (denominator). 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category refers to creators who uploaded at least one related game video AND generated 100 or more subscribers during the current period. 'Active' in the New YouTube Views category refers to creators who uploaded at least one related game video during the current period. For example, if 18 of 20 creators are considered 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category, then 90 points are available in that category (i.e. 18/20 = .9 x 100 = 90). 

(2) Points awarded to a creator in each category are then calculated by multiplying the results of step (1) by a fraction: the creator's individual performance in that category (numerator) divided by the total performance of all creators on the list in that category (denominator). Continuing the example from (1), a creator with 100,000 New YouTube Subscribers out of 1,000,000 from all ranked creators on the list would receive 9 points in that category (i.e. 100,000/1,000,000 = .1 x 90 = 9).

(3) Points calculated from each category are then totaled to determine the creator's final score.

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