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Video Victory: Top 10 Clash and Brawl Stars YouTubers (#22)

By Sida Li on January 15, 2021 at 5:32 PM ET

Image Credits: YouTube (background) / Lootcakes Inc. (character)

This period's top Brawlers and Clashers looked back at 2020 highlights and dove headfirst into new content. 

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Each month, Lootcakes ranks the top YouTubers in three popular Supercell mobile games (Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale) and highlights their notable recent content for your viewing pleasure. This edition covers the month ending 1/9. 

#10: Rey

Last Month's Ranking: #8 (Tie)
Instagram Page

Congratulations to Rey for reaching the 300k YouTube subscriber milestone in January! On January 1st, he posted a tweet reflecting on the past year. Here's to an even better 2021! See below for a team-up between Rey and fellow Brawl Stars creators BenTimm1 and Orange Juice. 

#8 (Tie): Clash of Time

Last Month's Ranking: #3

Like #10 ranked Rey, Clash of Time ended 2020 with just under 300k YouTube subscribers. Both were easily able to clear the 300k hurdle in January. See below for Clash of Time's most popular Clash of Clans upload, in which he compares the Wizard's attack prowess to that of the Super Wizard.

#8 (Tie): Judo Sloth

Judo Sloth recently recorded a video to celebrate reaching 400k YouTube subscribers. Watch below as he gathers 400 Clash of Clans players together for multiple 50v50 Trojan Wars! In other CoC news, Judo Sloth recently polled his Twitter followers about whether or not the game needs balance changes in 2021. Judo Sloth shares his own opinions on the subject in this video.

#7: KairosTime
Last Month's Ranking: #6 (Tie)

KairosTime recently won the Brawl News Content Creator of the Year award. Congratulations! Speaking of content creation, Kairos updated his brawler tier list in early January, which was formed after polling over twenty pro players (including #6 ranked CryingMan). Check it out below or watch this video for his 2020 Brawl Stars rewind. 

#6: CryingMan

Last Month's Ranking: #6 (Tie)

CryingMan achieved the 500k YouTube subscriber milestone in early January! He is a Brawl Stars content creator and a pro player for IX Gaming. As a pro, we're not surprised that CryingMan is excited to find out what's in store on the esports side of the game in 2021. See below to witness him playing with the #1 and #2 players on the global trophy leaderboard.

#4 (Tie): Clash with Eric - OneHive

Last Month's Ranking: #13 (Tie)

Join us in welcoming a first-timer to our top 10! OneHive is a well-known Clash of Clans clan and esports team. Eric may be new to our list, but he's not new to YouTube; the first CoC video on his channel dates back to December 2018. Eric reached the 200k subscriber milestone on Christmas. Check out the video below for his analysis of some matches in the Town Hall 9 Queso Cup Tournament. 

#4 (Tie): Beaker

Last Month's Ranking: #4 (Tie)

Beaker reached 2,000 YouTube video uploads before the end of 2020. Congrats on the achievement, and here to many more! Fun fact: Each of Beaker's uploads during the current period has amassed at least 100k views. His sole upload to break 200k - the final video in his 200-day journey to max out a new Clash of Clans account - can be viewed below. 

#3: Lex

Lex returns to our top 10 in epic fashion, leaping from #11 to #3. Compared to the previous period, Lex amassed nearly 3x the number of new YouTube subscribers and nearly 2x the number of new video views. What a way to kick off 2021! Lex's Christmas Day upload (found below) is a heartfelt video about how Brawl Stars and his supporters have changed his life. 

#2: CoC Reality

Last Month's Ranking: #2

The top two ranks remain unchanged! This period, CoC Reality blasted through the 450k YouTube subscriber milestone and is on pace to reach 500k before the end of January. More than half of CoC Reality's new Clash of Clans video views this period came from the upload below, which (as of writing) has 1.8 million views. Watch as he pits Log Launcher and Wall Wrecker against each other in a wall-clearing test.

#1: Orange Juice

Orange Juice created a series of 2020 "rewind" videos for Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. See below for his CR rewind video, in which he re-plays all of the special challenges released in 2020. If you're looking for Brawl Stars content, click here for a rewind of cheesy gameplay moments captured in 2020 or here for a compilation of bugs that appeared in 2020. OJ made a brief return to Clash of Clans in November, though we didn't spot any new CoC content from him in December or January (as of writing).

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For a more detailed breakdown on the top content creators in this edition, take a look at the table below. Click the table to enlarge.

Scoring System:

Each edition, we begin by compiling a list of the top 20 Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale YouTubers (in the English language) based on their most-viewed new upload (during the current period) related to any of these games. To qualify, at least 75% of their videos in related games (during the current period) must contain self-created gameplay or game-related commentary (i.e. created directly by the YouTuber as opposed to clips sourced from third parties).

Creators from the above list are then awarded 0-100 points in each of two categories: (1) total views of their newly uploaded YouTube videos related to these games, and (2) new YouTube subscribers. The data from these categories is sourced from YouTube and Social Blade ( Points are calculated according to the following steps:

(1) For each category, total points available are calculated by multiplying 100 by a fraction: the total number of creators active on the relevant platform (numerator) divided by the total number of creators on the list (denominator). 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category refers to creators who uploaded at least one related game video AND generated 100 or more subscribers during the current period. 'Active' in the New YouTube Views category refers to creators who uploaded at least one related game video during the current period. For example, if 18 of 20 creators are considered 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category, then 90 points are available in that category (i.e. 18/20 = .9 x 100 = 90). 

(2) Points awarded to a creator in each category are then calculated by multiplying the results of step (1) by a fraction: the creator's individual performance in that category (numerator) divided by the total performance of all creators on the list in that category (denominator). Continuing the example from (1), a creator with 100,000 New YouTube Subscribers out of 1,000,000 from all ranked creators on the list would receive 9 points in that category (i.e. 100,000/1,000,000 = .1 x 90 = 9).

(3) Points calculated from each category are then totaled to determine the creator's final score.

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