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Most Dedicated Hearthstone Streamers (May 2015)

By Sida Li on June 18, 2015 at 4:02 PM ET

Photo Credit: Twitch (background) / Lootcakes LLC (character)

Meet the hardest-working streamers in Hearthstone! Every month, we review the players who streamed the most hours of Hearthstone on Twitch. In May, five different streamers surpassed the 200-hour mark. 

#5: billyisms

Hours streamed: 200

Billyisms just barely reached 200 hours of Hearthstone streamed last month. He often performs unique feats, such as attempting to play with only voice commands and playing 3 Arena games simultaneously. Billyisms is a relatively new streamer, so make sure you check out his channel and show him some love!

#4: Mackenseize

Hours streamed: 207

Mackenseize has a special mission - to raise awareness for epilepsy, which she was diagnosed with during high school. All donations on Twitch go towards her medical expenses. Mackenseize streams six days a week and also plays League of Legends, CS:GO, and many other PC games, although Hearthstone is her primary game.

#3: Hotform

Hours streamed: 209

As a top-ranked North American player, Hotform is one to watch if you want to improve your gameplay. He frequently interacts with his viewers over chat and also coaches players via Skype. His decklists are conveniently located in his Twitch profile for everyone to access

#2: Morikcm

Hours streamed: 233

Morikcm claimed the number two spot on our list for the second straight month. He streamed 233 hours of Hearthstone in May, which averages to 7.5 hours per day. Morikcm frequently runs giveaways on his stream as a way to show appreciation to his viewers.

#1: Ratsmah

Hours streamed: 241

Ratsmah took the #1 position in May by streaming a whopping 241 hours. He recently changed his streaming schedule and will be going live each day at 11am PST. Ratsmah is part of team Tempo Storm and is one of the few streamers on our list that offers private coaching.

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For a further breakdown of the top 10 streamers, check out the table below. The number of hours streamed is sourced from Gamoloco ( The Twitch follower and channel view data in the table is sourced from Social Blade ( Click the image to enlarge it.

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