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Video Victory: Top Hearthstone Streamers & YouTubers (#45)

By Sida Li on October 27, 2017 at 4:35 PM ET

Image Credits: YouTube (background) / Lootcakes LLC (character)

Hearthstone creators were out in force at TwitchCon, and the new Dual-Class Arena has been a huge hit.

Each month, Lootcakes ranks the top Hearthstone streamers (and YouTubers) by popularity and highlights their notable recent content for your viewing pleasure. This edition covers the period ending 10/15. For details on our ranking system, please see the bottom of the article. 

#10: Dog

Last Month's Ranking: #11

Dog returns to the top 10 after a one-period absence! He's been quite the globe hopper in recent months, with stops in Germany, Korea, Japan, and most recently California for TwitchCon, where he participated in the Oktoberbrawl team event. Dog, #4 ranked Thijs, and J4CKIECHAN won two games to one against #2 ranked Disguised Toast, Reynad, and Alliestrasza. Bonus TwitchCon pic: Dog dressed up in a Murloc costume! Swing by his stream below. 

#9: Amaz

Last Month's Ranking: #7

Judging by his recent tweets, Amaz has been crushing the Dual-Class Arena; one day he even pulled off 12/12/12/10 wins! Check out the video below to watch him in action. Amaz was the only ranked creator who gained less than 1,000 new YouTube subscribers during the current period. He's 5,000 away from 500k total subs, but his subscriber count is ticking up at a glacial pace.

#7 (Tie): Kinky

Last Month's Ranking: #10

Hearthstone memer Kinky makes his second ranked appearance. He burst onto the scene last period thanks in part to two funny videos about the Hearthstone meta and the Druid. Kinky recently surpassed 50k YouTube subscribers and topped this period's ranked creators in new subs gained. Watch the video below to see Kinky's most popular upload of the current period.

#7 (Tie): Hafu

Hafu returns to the top 10! October marks her first ranked appearance in three months. This period, she and fellow streamer Becca toured Japan. Like many other US-based Hearthstone streamers, Hafu made an appearance at TwitchCon. She and #10 ranked Dog currently have a friendly bet to see who can place higher on the Dual-Class Arena leaderboard. Drop by Hafu's stream below. 

#6: Brian Kibler

Last Month's Ranking: #5

Brian Kibler, one of the casters at the HCT Summer Championship, recently shared his thoughts on the state of competitive Hearthstone. You can watch the video on the OmniStone channel. Kibler, his wife Natalie, and dog Shiro were among the Hearthstone personalities who attended TwitchCon. Check out the video below to watch Kibler play a Dual-Class Arena match with Druid + Warlock. 

After TwitchCon, Trump joined his Tempo Storm teammates for some fun in the sun and team bonding activities. Trump recently passed 800k Twitch followers and is 15k YouTube subscribers away from that same number. At his current pace, Trump should achieve 800k YouTube subs around the end of December. This period, the main focus of Trump's YouTube channel has been his "KFC F2P" series, in which he attempts to climb the ladder on a free-to-play account.  

#4: Thijs

Last Month's Ranking: #3

Thijs is quickly approaching 400k Twitch followers, and he should easily reach this milestone before the end of November. In less exciting news, he suffered a bout of food poisoning during his flight back from TwitchCon. Watch the video below to see Thijs play a match with an Evolve Shaman deck that helped him gain 1,000 Legend ranks in an hour. As of writing, his fans are evenly split on whether or not he should stream constructed or Dual-Class Arena.

#3: Savjz

Last Month's Ranking: #6

Savjz is giving away twenty BlizzCon Virtual Tickets! Click here to find out how to enter. Winners will be announced on October 30th. Judging by this tweet, Savjz thoroughly enjoyed the HCT Summer Championship. In a rare turn of events, this period Savjz streamed a game other than Hearthstone. In total, he logged roughly 130 hours on Hearthstone and 28 on Throne of Lies. Check out his stream below. 

#2: Disguised Toast

Kripparrian may have retaken first place, but Disguised Toast had arguably the more eventful month. Highlights include subbing for Kripp at TwitchCon's Oktoberbrawl 3v3 event (wearing his patented toast mask!) and getting hailed as "the greatest name in gaming history" by Conan O'Brien. Check out Toast's stream below. 

#1: Kripparrian

Last Month's Ranking: #2

Like #3 ranked Savjz, Kripparrian will be giving away twenty BlizzCon Virtual Tickets. It's likely that other top Hearthstone creators will be doing the same, so it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on their Twitter feeds during the next few days. Earlier in October, appendicitis took Kripp out of commission and prevented him from attending TwitchCon. Thankfully, he's now back in action after a successful surgery. Watch the video below to see clips from Kripp's first round of Dual-Class Arena matches.

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For a more detailed breakdown on the top content creators in this edition, take a look at the table below. Click the table to enlarge.

Please note, N/A means the creator did not broadcast a video for this game on the applicable platform during the relevant period. Since any views they did achieve were for other games, we chose not to count them here. A dash (-) means the creator does not have an account on any relevant platforms in the associated category. 

Scoring System:

Each edition, we begin by compiling a list of: (a) the top 10 Hearthstone YouTubers (in the English language) since last edition based on the views generated by their top Hearthstone video upload during the relevant period; and (b) the top 10 Hearthstone Twitch streamers (in the English language) since last edition based on their average number of views per stream during the relevant period. The YouTube list is sourced from YouTube search and the Twitch list is sourced from Twinge ( Creators on the list are awarded 0-100 points in each of 4 categories: views of new Hearthstone YouTube videos, new YouTube subscribers, new Twitch followers, and new Twitch and YouTube stream views. The data from the 4 categories is sourced from YouTube and Social Blade ( Points are calculated according to the following steps:

(1) For each category, total points available are calculated by multiplying 100 by a fraction: the total number of creators active on the relevant platform (numerator) divided by the total number of creators on the list (denominator). 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category is defined as having uploaded at least 1 video of the tracked game during the current period AND having generated 100 or more subscribers. 'Active' in the New Twitch Followers category is defined as having streamed the tracked game on Twitch during the current period AND having generated 100 or more Twitch followers. 'Active' in the New YouTube and Stream Views categories is defined as having uploaded/streamed the tracked game during the current period. For example, if 90% of creators uploaded a YouTube video of the tracked game during the current period, then 90 points are available in the New YouTube Video Views category. 

(2) Points awarded to a creator in each category are then calculated by multiplying the results of step (1) by a fraction: the creator's individual performance in that category (numerator) divided by the total performance of all creators on the list in that category (denominator). 

(3) Points calculated from each of the 4 categories in step (2) are then totaled up to determine the creator's final score.

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