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Video Victory: Top Pokémon GO YouTubers (#14)

By Sida Li on November 10, 2017 at 3:47 PM ET

Image Credits: YouTube (background) / Lootcakes LLC (character)

YouTubers flocked to Philly for the Free Streets event and shared their reaction to Niantic's newly-announced Harry Potter game.

Each month, Lootcakes ranks the top Pokémon GO YouTubers by popularity and highlights their notable recent content for your viewing pleasure. This edition covers the period ending 11/5. For details on our ranking system, please see the bottom of the article. 

#10: Jonno

Last Month's Ranking: #8

Jonno flew across the country and spent part of this period in Philadelphia for the Philly Free Streets event, where he met other YouTubers (including #9 ranked PkmnMasterHolly) and caught plenty of Pokémon. Check out the video below to follow his adventure in Philly. Like many other ranked YouTubers, Jonno recently mentioned the newly announced Harry Potter mobile game being developed by Niantic. Will Pokémon GO YouTubers migrate to the Harry Potter game in 2018? Time will tell! 

#9: PkmnMasterHolly

Last Month's Ranking: #7

PkmnMasterHolly makes her second ranked appearance. This Philadelphia-based YouTuber can often be found out and about in the city. In the video below, she gives viewers a tour of Philly, catches Pokémon, and takes on a new raid. Holly is closing in on 25k YouTube subscribers. At her current pace, she should reach the milestone around the end of the year. 

#8: GameXplain

Last Month's Ranking: New to list

A new YouTuber enters the fray! GameXplain is a small group of creators who make game guides and news videos. Their content is Nintendo-centric. Check out the video below to watch GameXplain's Derrick provide an overview of the Halloween event and Gen 3 ghost Pokémon.

#7: Poké AK
Last Month's Ranking: #6

Gym and raid expert Poké AK continues his prolific YouTube upload rate. He's averaging roughly three uploads per day and has over 1,300 total uploads as of writing. Watch the video below, an overview of the new level 3 raids, to witness a rare occurrence: Poké AK providing commentary! 

#6: Reversal

Next year, we can expect to see Harry Potter: Wizards Unite videos on Reversal's channel. In the meantime, it's all about Pokémon GO! Reversal recently spent time in NYC and Philadelphia, where he hung out with PkmnMasterHolly and attended the Philly Free Streets event. Watch the video below to see his first day in Philly.  

#4 (Tie): Lachlan

Last Month's Ranking: New to list

Lachlan returns! After not uploading any new Pokémon GO videos last period, he uploaded two new videos and reclaimed a spot in our rankings. In October, Lachlan spent time in Japan and attended PAX Australia. Check out his most recent Pokémon GO upload below.  

#4 (Tie): ProdigiesNation

Last Month's Ranking: #4

Like many other ranked creators, this period ProdigiesNation experimented with the newly released Draconius GO, a fantasy-themed augmented reality game that shares many gameplay similarities with Pokémon GO. Don't worry - Draconius GO is unlikely to supplant Pokémon GO on YouTube. Watch below to check out ProdigiesNation's guide to soloing the Cloyster raid boss. 

#2 (Tie): Trainer Tips

Last Month's Ranking: #3

We've got a tie for second place! Trainer Tips generated slightly more new video views during the current period, while MYSTIC7 had the upper hand in new subscribers. Fittingly, the two recently teased followers with this photo. Is a collab video incoming? Watch the video below to see Nick experience the Halloween event, or click here to watch Nick's reaction to Niantic's upcoming Harry Potter game. 

#2 (Tie)MYSTIC7

Last Month's Ranking: #2

MYSTIC7 recently uploaded a channel update video that lays out his content plan for the upcoming months. Although he's not retiring from Pokémon GO (trips to Australia and the Philippines are still a 'go'), he plans to slow down his upload frequency. In recent weeks, we've seen him mention playing Fortnite and the newest Call of Duty. Check out one of his recent Pokémon GO uploads below.


Last Month's Ranking: #1

Because Ali-A plays such a wide range of games, this period he appeared immune to the tepid subscriber growth rates that Pokémon GO-centric YouTubers experienced. Ali-A began as a Call of Duty YouTuber. Now that CoD: WWII has been released, in the near future we may see fewer Pokémon GO videos from him. Watch below to see Ali-A hunt for Gen 3 shiny Pokémon.

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For a more detailed breakdown of the top content creators in this edition, take a look at the table below. Click the table to enlarge.

Scoring System:

Each edition, we begin by compiling a list of the top 20 Pokémon GO YouTubers (in the English language) since last edition based on the views generated by their top Pokémon GO video upload during the relevant period. The YouTube list is sourced from YouTube search. Creators on the list are awarded 0-100 points in each of 2 categories: views of new Pokémon GO YouTube videos and new YouTube subscribers. The data from the 2 categories is sourced from YouTube and Social Blade ( Points are calculated according to the following steps:

(1) For each category, total points available are calculated by multiplying 100 by a fraction: the total number of creators active on the relevant platform (numerator) divided by the total number of creators on the list (denominator). 'Active' in the New YouTube Subscribers category is defined as having uploaded at least 1 video of the tracked game during the current period AND having generated 100 or more subscribers. 'Active' in the New YouTube Views category is defined as having uploaded at least 1 video of the tracked game during the current period. For example, if 90% of creators generated 100 or more YouTube subscribersthen 90 points are available in the New YouTube Subscribers category. 

(2) Points calculated from each of the 2 categories in step (1) are then totaled up to determine the creator's final score. 

Creators will be excluded from the current period’s rankings if at least one of their videos uploaded during the current period is found to:

(1) Contain a video description that could mislead viewers into believing that a new gameplay element has already been, will be, or could be added to the game, and which contains any hacked gameplay footage or images.
(2) Contain a video description that could mislead viewers into believing that a new gameplay element has already been or will be added to the game, when such assertion is untrue or simply rumor/speculation.  
NOTE: For clarity, creators will be found in violation of this condition if a video description simply adds a question mark to the end of any such assertion. This is because the use of a question mark may not provide viewers with sufficient clarity that the assertion is rumor/speculation.
(3) Contain information about how to use game hacks or cheats that violate a game’s Terms of Service.

We appreciate your help! If you believe that one of the creators featured in a post has violated a condition outlined above, please let us know by sending an email to, and include a link to the relevant video. We will investigate the matter as soon as possible.

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