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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to “Link the email accounts you use with game platforms”?

Lootcakes rewards you for sharing your in-game purchase receipts from free-to-play games.  Whenever you make a purchase within a mobile or online game, you will (almost always) receive an email receipt documenting your purchase.  We enable you to share this data by linking the Gmail accounts at which you receive such purchase receipts.

Linking your Gmail account is a convenient, "set and forget" process. Once linked, we will automatically detect your receipts and reward you - and your friends - for qualifying purchases.

The linking process is performed using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), the long-established internet standard for providing email access via third-party applications.  For more information about IMAP, see its Wikipedia page here.

You can either link the Gmail account at which you already receive game purchase receipts, or create and link a new Gmail account that you intend to use solely for this purpose.  Lootcakes will only search for emails from game platforms & operators, and for security purposes, from Gmail/Google itself.

You can unlink your Gmail account at any time, either within your Lootcakes settings or directly with Google by changing your Google account password.

What is/are “lootcakes” and how can I get them?

The word “lootcakes” is both the name of our company and the name of our redeemable virtual currency (often called ‘points’ by conventional loyalty programs).  To distinguish between our currency and company, the currency is generally represented with a lowercase “l”, or with the abbreviation “LC$”.

We’ve tried very hard to make our reward system “democratic” – i.e. beneficial to all game players regardless of their purchasing levels.  As a member, there are several ways to earn LC$: 

1. By making real-money purchases within qualifying games/platforms (also known as ‘in-app purchases’ or ‘microtransactions’); or

2. By winning awards from your Alliances (your clans, guilds, teams or custom-built groups), regardless of your purchasing levels; or 

3. By winning Nation Awards, regularly dished out to members in recognition of your participation in the overall economy (again, regardless of your purchasing levels).

What type of purchases qualify for rewards? (Eligible Purchases defined)

Eligible Purchases are defined as purchases made within Qualifying Games, of a Qualifying Purchase Type, the receipts for which are shared with Lootcakes as Qualifying Data.

Qualifying Games are defined as games that meet ALL of the following requirements:

·      Business Models:   Free-to-Play1

·      Platforms  App Store (iOS), Google Play, Steam2

·      Regions of Purchase   United States

Qualifying Purchase Types are defined as purchases that meet ALL of the following requirements:

       ·      Purchase Form  In-App Purchases or Downloadable Content Purchases (excluding Subscriptions)

       ·      Purchase Currency   U.S. Dollars

Qualifying Data is defined as purchase receipts that meet ALL of the following requirements:

·      Format  Emailed Purchase Receipt

·      Sent by  Qualifying Game Platform/Operator

·      Sent to  Linked Email Address

·      Shared Through:   Linked Email Account3

·      Eligible Link Methods:   IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) 4

·      Supported Linked Email Account Providers   Gmail

·      Forwarded Emails  Not Accepted

·      Emails Shared with Linked Email Account via POP.  Not Accepted

·      Photos/Screenshot of Receipts  Not Accepted

·      Physical Receipt Copies  Not Accepted

We intend to periodically expand the list of qualifying games, platforms, regions and business models, including games directly distributed by game publishers through their own websites.  Theoretically there is no limit to the range of qualifying games we can include.  Our technology does not require integration with a game’s publisher or distribution platform.  As long as an email receipt is provided to the game’s consumer (you), we should be able to process the receipt and verify its authenticity.  We will strive to become as “universal” as possible, as quickly as possible.

1 Free-to-Play means the game costs $0 to download/install, but offers optional in-game (in-app) purchases, also known as microtransactions.

2 Steam Community Market purchases and Steam Gift Purchases do not qualify for rewards.

3 A Linked Email Account is defined as an email account that a member has authorized Lootcakes to access using an Eligible Link Method, launched from within the Lootcakes website/app.

4  IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the long-established internet standard for providing email access via third-party applications.  For more information about IMAP, see its Wikipedia page.

Why don’t you reward “pay-to-own” game purchases, or even DLC/microtransaction purchases made within “pay-to-own” games?  Why only reward purchases in free-to-play (freemium) games?

Unfortunately, we can’t do everything we want yet! Limiting our initial offering allows us to focus on delivering you a functional, sustainable, high-quality service.  That being said, we chose to start with free-to-play games for business reasons.  Within free-to-play games, relatively few players make purchases (usually 5%-15% of each game’s players).  Since free-to-play spenders are relatively scarce and therefore disproportionately valuable to game publishers, it follows that we can generate more value (and thereby give you more rewards) by focusing our early efforts on free-to-play games.  As we grow, we intend to expand the type of qualifying game purchases to include other business models.

How can my Eligible Purchases get disqualified? (Approved Purchases defined)

Approved Purchases are defined as Eligible Purchases that have not been refunded or otherwise disqualified during their Review Period1.

Reasons for Disqualification of Eligible Purchases include (but may not be limited to) any of the following events taking place prior to the end of the Review Period for the applicable purchase:

·      Purchase is found to have been incorrectly classified as an Eligible Purchase.

·      Purchase is refunded.

·      Date of Purchase Receipt did not occur during an Active Link Period for the Relevant Email Account.2

·      Purchase is determined to have been previously rewarded.

·      Linked Email Account was unlinked3 (e.g. authorization was revoked for Lootcakes to access member’s applicable Linked Email Account).

·      Game platform contact email address is changed (e.g. the email address to which the member receives purchase receipts and other correspondence from the applicable game platform).

·      Deletion of possible refund (or refund-related) email is detected in member’s applicable Linked Email Account.4

·      Sign of potential fraud or violation of our Terms of Service is detected.

The Review Period is defined here.

2 Date of Purchase Receipt is defined as the date/time when the emailed purchase receipt was originally received in the user's Linked Email Account. Active Link Period is defined as a period of time during which the relevant email account was a Linked Email Account. Relevant Email Account is defined as the Linked Email Account in which the receipt was received. 

3 This disqualification will occur irrespective of whether the authorization was manually or automatically revoked.  Please note that authorization will be automatically revoked if you change your Google account password (used to access Gmail).

4 To avoid this type of disqualification, members are advised not to delete ANY emails received by their Linked Email Account within 36 hours of email receipt during the Review Period for an Eligible Purchase.

How long will it take for my purchases to be rewarded? (Review Period defined)

If an Eligible Purchase has not been refunded or otherwise disqualified by the end of its Review Period, then it becomes an Approved Purchase and gets rewarded.  

The Review Period is defined as a period time that begins on the Date of Receipt Detection1 and extends up to the following number of days for each platform/region:

·      App Store (iOS) / United States:   2 days

·      Google Play / United States:   2 days

·      Steam / United States:   2 days

Date of Receipt Detection is defined as the date/time when an emailed purchase receipt is first detected by Lootcakes in the member's Linked Email Account.

How many lootcakes do I earn per dollar of Approved Purchases?

For every $1.00 (USD) you spend on Approved Purchasesmade AFTER account creation:

BASE REWARDS (without PowerUps)


Please note: Reward values are subject to change at any time.

1  Approved Purchases are defined as Eligible Purchases that have not been refunded or otherwise disqualified during their Review Period. Eligible Purchases are defined here. Approved Purchases are defined here. Review Periods are defined here.

2  Levels and XP are explained here.

3  All rewards are subject to Reward Limits (caps) listed here.

4  The Alliance Bonus is divided and shared equally amongst all members of your alliance (other than you). Only applies if you are a member of an alliance for the game in which the purchase was made. Alliances are explained more here.

5  PowerUps are game-specific offers that, once activated, increase your rewards in the relevant game by a multiplier (e.g. 1.5x, 5x, etc.).  PowerUp purchases are subject to powerup-specific terms and conditions (including Reward Limits).  PowerUps are explained in more detail here

 Yes, you can activate up to two powerups for the same game.  In that case, both powerup multipliers apply to the Approved Purchase.

Are there any caps on the rewards I can earn? (Reward Limits defined)

Yes.  Approved Purchases may only get partially rewarded, or may not get rewarded at all, due to a member having reached Reward Limits.

Reward Limits are defined as limits on the U.S. dollar amount of Approved Purchases to which rewards apply, as follows:

For Approved Purchases made AFTER account creation:

BASE REWARDS (e.g. without PowerUps):

·      Single Purchase Cap:   $100

·      Total Purchases Cap (Per Member)1:   $400 Per Calendar Month

POWERUP-RELATED REWARDS (Subscription format):

·      Single Purchase Cap:   None2

·      Total Purchases Cap (Per Member)1:   Specific to PowerUp2


·      Single Purchase Cap:   None2

·      Total Purchases Cap (Per PowerUp)1:   Specific to PowerUp2

1 The Total Purchases Cap is defined differently for: (a) Basic Rewards and PowerUps with a Subscription format; versus (b) PowerUps with a Flash Sale format. For (a), the Total Purchases Cap applies to each individual member.  For (b) the Total Purchases Cap is a collective cap across all members participating in the powerup.

2 If the Total Purchases Cap for any PowerUp would be reached by fully rewarding an Approved Purchase, the portion of such purchase that exceeds the Total Purchases Cap will instead be treated as a Basic Reward and thereby is subject to the Single Purchase Cap, Total Purchases Cap and lower earn rate of Basic Rewards.

What can I get for redeeming my lootcakes?

When redeeming lootcakes, you can choose from a variety of digital gift cards & codes from major retailers & video game platforms, including GameStop, PlayStation® Store, Xbox Live plus many more - including the top mobile gaming options - available through Reward Link Preferred.  You can visit our redeem page here here.

Lootcakes is very excited to be partnered with Tango Card one of the world’s leading providers of digital gift cards and rewards technology.

Our digital rewards will be emailed to you immediately upon redemption, giving you a fast and easy way to obtain more virtual goods in the games you love.  

We look forward to hearing your suggestions about new redemption options, and we plan to add much more as time goes on.

How many lootcakes do I need to redeem a gift card/code?

You can go here to view the lowest number of lootcakes (LC$) required to redeem each retailer's gift card.  Click any retailer's tile for more detail about the LC$ required to redeem specific gift card/code denominations.

What are XP and Levels?

As a member, your level dictates your “base earn rate” (e.g. the number of lootcakes you earn for every U.S. dollar of Approved Purchases, before any PowerUps are taken into account).  All members begin at Level 1.  As of now, Level 3 is the highest attainable level. 

To increase your level (e.g. to “level up”), you must earn XP (aka “experience points”).  XP bonuses are rewarded for completing select member actions at the values listed below1:

·      Account Creation:  10 XP

·      Link Your Email Account:  50 XP

·      First Approved Purchase: 100 XP

·      Link Your Platforms & Networks2: 10 XP each

·      Referral of New Member (via Referral Code)3: 25 XP each

·      Referral of New Member (Alliance)4:  25 XP each

·      First Alliance Created/Joined:  25 XP

The number of XP associated with each level is as follows1:

·      Level 1:  0-49 XP

·      Level 2:  50 – 149 XP

·      Level 3:  150+ XP

1 The type of actions that qualify for XP, the amount of XP rewarded for each action, the amount of XP required to level up, and the number of attainable levels are all subject to change.

2  The action required to “link” varies by platform/network and in certain cases may only involve submission of your platform username/nickname.

3  You earn this XP bonus for every member who joins Lootcakes using your referral code up to your referral code limit.  Your referral code limit is listed on the referral page after you log in.

4 You earn this XP bonus for being part of a new member’s first joined/created alliance (except if you already earned XP for inviting them with your referral code).  This XP bonus was created so friends who play together don’t have a reason to compete over whose referral code is used to refer friends to Lootcakes.

What are Alliances and how do they benefit me?

Alliances represent a great way for members to help each other - and to help their gaming groups (clans, guilds, teams, etc.) - to earn extra rewards. 

Lootcakes allows you to create a valuable home for your existing game groups, or to create new groups to take advantage of our special group benefits.  We call our groups ‘Alliances’.  

Each alliance is dedicated to a single game.  Whenever a member of a Qualifying Alliance1 makes an Approved Purchase in such game, every other member of his/her alliance will share a bonus sum of LC$2. This bonus is awarded in addition to the LC$ earned directly by the purchaser.  Any alliance member whose account is in good standing will be eligible to receive the alliance bonus, even those who rarely spend money themselves. 

1  A Qualifying Alliance is an alliance with 5 or more members.

2  The total amount of this shared bonus is 25% of the LC$ earned by the purchaser.

What are Nation Awards and how do I win them?

Nation Awards are prizes (generally a lump sum of lootcakes) that are regularly given out to members in recognition of your contribution to what is, in essence, a new economy.  Your “natural resources” (aka your game activity data) generates our economy’s wealth (lootcakes) – just like oil, gold, timber, etc. power the economic development of real-life nations.  You are the pioneers - the (data) miners – that make our reward system possible, and by giving out Nation Awards we are celebrating the community as a whole.  Nation Awards will be given out to random groups of members and alliances regardless of their purchasing levels.  Some awards will be periodic, while others will apply to special occasions, such as when the economy reaches historic milestones.

What are PowerUps and why should I love them?

PowerUps are special, limited-time offers during which your purchases within a particular game are rewarded with more lootcakes (LC$) than your base earn rate. How much more?  That depends on the powerup's 'multiplier'.  For example, a powerup with a multiplier of 2x would provide you with twice as many lootcakes as your base earn rate.  Of course, powerups only apply to Approved Purchases made prior to the powerup's expiration or exhaustion.  

To activate a powerup, you must navigate to its Activation Page while using the device on which you play the relevant game.  After pressing the 'ACTIVATE' button, you will need to open the game to complete the activation process.

There are two powerup "formats":  Subscription and Flash.  Members will typically need to activate a game's Subscription PowerUp to unlock its Flash PowerUps.  As compared with Flash PowerUps, Subscription PowerUps typically have a longer duration (e.g. 3 months versus 3 days) but a lower multiplier (1.5x versus 5x).   Another thing to note: when you activate both a Flash PowerUp and Subscription PowerUp for the same game, you get the benefit of BOTH multipliers.  For example, you would receive 6.5x your base earn rate in the relevant game if you have an active Flash PowerUp of 5.0x and an active Subscription PowerUp of 1.5x.

PowerUps may be offered to all members (type='Nation'); all alliances for the relevant game, or only to select members who play the game.

Can other members see my lootcakes balance, or know when I’ve made a purchase?

No - not unless you opt in to reveal this information.  The default setting is to keep your purchases and reward balances hidden from others, including your fellow Alliance members. 

What will you do with our data?  How do you make money?

First of all, your data is the lifeblood of our business, and without your willingness to share it, we cannot fund your rewards nor sustain our business.  To gain and keep your trust, we will: (a) be honest and direct with you; (b) take your data security seriously; and (c) be responsive to your feedback.  To learn more about our Core Principles, please click here.

As a member, we will use your data to help game publishers to connect and communicate with you (and other gamers like you) more efficiently, and to bring you special offers.  Players who spend money in free-to-play games – and those more likely to spend based on certain behaviors – are VIPs in the eyes of game publishers.  [Yes, you may be a VIP and not even know it!] We will charge fees to game publishers who want to know and reach you (and others like you) based on your game behavior.  This is how we make money, and by extension, how we can fund your rewards.

We invite you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for additional information about our data policies and business practices.

How do I delete my data?

If you would like us to delete your personal data (and thus also close your account), please contact us at Alternatively, you may request deletion of your personal data by directly closing your account at any time, which you can do by visiting your Lootcakes personal settings page at and clicking the red X button in the top right corner of the "Account Information" panel.  Within 30 days of closing your account, data associated with your account will then be removed from our commercial database, not monetized, and not actively used for a commercial purpose, provided that we may retain the information in accordance with the Retention of Your Information section located in our Privacy Policy at If you have not set up an account with us, but would like us to delete data you believe we have collected from you, please likewise contact us at

This seems cool. Can I become an affiliate/Lootcakes partner?

Thanks, and yes you can!  If you are a content creator (e.g. a YouTuber, Twitch broadcaster or blogger), and you play free-to-play games, please communicate your partnership interest by sending us an email to, including the URLs of your channels/blogs.  Once we receive your interest, we will send you some questions to begin the application process. 

Partnership benefits include cash and sponsored giveaways to your community. Benefits will vary depending upon the size of your community, the number of members and spenders you drive to our website, and other factors.  We look forward to connecting with you to consider a potential partnership!


The FAQ was last updated on January 11, 2022.

The merchants represented are not sponsors of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with Lootcakes Inc.. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions.

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